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When trading in foreign currencies, the London session is an excellent time to trade. There are many benefits of trading Top 3 Features of the Best Forex Trade Manager EA Forex Broker Killer Cars|this particular|this specific|this kind of time, such as higher volume, lower spreads, and minor consolidation. The London session also gives traders the opportunity to profit from moves toward the open price. However , it s important to be aware of the risks associated with trading during this time, as well as the potential rewards. Trading during the London session is best for those who are trading short-term, and for those who want to trade volatility. The London session is most active during the market hour, when the most transactions and volatility occur. As a result, it s important to employ a risk management strategy. The London session overlaps the New York session, with most activity taking place between 1: 00 and 5: 00pm GMT. The most common currencies are the US Dollar and the Euro. Around these times, over 70% of all trades take place. This overlap makes the market very active, and price activity will be higher. The forex market is also affected by holidays, such as Christmas and New Year s Day, when the US market is closed. Traders in the London session should also be aware of daylight savings time. This is a moment period during which the forex market adjusts its trading hours to the time zone of other countries. The London session begins at 8: 00 AM BST and closes at 4: 00 PM BST. The trading session is a 24-hour process, so traders should be aware of these times and plan their trading accordingly. There are three trading sessions: morning, afternoon, and night. Each of these sessions is exclusive and has its own characteristics. During the Asian session, the market is open until 22: 00 PM GMT. The European session is the most active and accounts for the most trading volume. The European session is also the most popular, whereas the London session is the shortest and most volatile. In the London forex session, major currency pairs like EUR/USD/JPY trade at higher volumes. It s also important to follow the news released by the Bank of England and the European Central Bank. The data from the Statistics Agency of the European Union and Japan can influence currency trends. In addition , a central bank s interest rate decision may impact the direction of a currency pair, so traders should be prepared to react to this news. There are several benefits of trading during the London session, including low spreads and high liquidity. This is one of the best times to trade if you re looking to profit from the volatility in currency markets. The other day, the Asian session is more active, but the London session is the best time to trade currencies that have a tendency to move higher. As with all trading sessions, the London session can be volatile. It can be very volatile, especially when economic announcements are released. But , when it s a busy day, the liquidity is high and the market is highly liquid.